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What Our Customers Are Saying

There is nothing more rewarding than hearing how we help our clients achieve their financial goals.

Here are a few of the many success stories our clients have shared with us:

González Trucking

“RTS International became a commercial partner for our company. Through their services, we were able to use our own resources in advance, and became more efficient.

Having cash allowed us to do purchases in a timely manner with our vendors, which represented savings in our payments.

We highly recommend RTS as a partner for its excellent service.”

-González Trucking

Dhruv Globals Ltd.

“As you are aware, bank financing continues to be a challenge for exporters in India. Due to traditional bank procedures, they provide loans mostly against curatorial deposits only. Moreover, increasing costs, shrinking of lead times and currency fluctuations are pressing challenges that many exporters face today.

The work of RTS International is important because they help exporters gain access to capital at better terms sooner to support their business growth. We are already getting early payments from RTS International for our buyers who are already in the GT Nexus/ TradeCard platform. Furthermore, we approached RTS International for an early payment option for non-GT Nexus buyers, mainly buyers whose payment terms are 60 days and 90 days. We truly have enjoyed this facility for the last two years for our international buyers as well. We are getting 80% funds within a day from the document scan and the 20% balance on the maturity date.

Additionally, we participate in and attend many workshops organized by RTS International in the Delhi NCR region.”


Orit Trading Lanka (Private) Ltd.

“I have found RTS International to be very attractive as an alternative source of funding, as well as a vibrant and automatic solution to sustain reliable cash flow on a consistent basis. The funding process is pretty seamless through the GT Nexus platform and you need not submit any paper documents for funding. Everything happens within 24 hours through the system, giving us great peace of mind! The system is an extension to the GT Nexus platform (formally TradeCard), and you can use this service as long as the transactions are performed through the GT Nexus platform.

I have used RTS International’s services at crucial times when companies are struggling to cope with limited bank lines in order to support working capital requirements. We found RTS International’s offering very compelling as their funding programs focus only on the receivable values and provide virtually unlimited funding based upon the invoice values.

The services in Sri Lanka are also backed with a dedicated, professional team that can be relied upon. They are very quick in reacting to all customer needs.”

-Lalith Withana

Esstee Exports Ltd.

“We have annual sales of about $5 million to one of our major clients in the U.S., with payment terms of 30 days after shipment. We are really in need of financial support to run this part of our business smoothly. Banks are ready to offer funding, but with higher rates of interest after crossing lengthy procedures. We were searching for a financier who could provide funding at a lower rate of interest immediately upon each shipment to help us proceed with investing for subsequent orders. We found RTS International and, surprisingly, their rate of interest is very low compared to banks. Also, we get 100% of the invoice value in our account within 24 hours of completed shipping documents uploaded on the online platform. This helps us increase our business volume with our customers.

We have been with RTS International since June 2013. We have never seen any failure or missing attempt from them. All of our invoices are funded within 24 hours of completion of invoice updating on the online platform. Now we think of extending this facility to our other customers, too. We feel that we are in a comfortable zone by getting smooth funds flow, thanks to RTS International.”

-Mr. Thiukkumaran