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Factoring FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about RTS International.

In what countries do you provide services?

RTS International has over 800 customers in more than 40 countries throughout Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Indian subcontinent and Africa. Top

What are the minimum requirements for financing?

  • Customers with the following currencies: US dollar, Euro, sterling and Mexican peso
  • Minimum monthly volume of $200,000 USD
  • A diversified client portfolio (at least three clients)
  • Accounts receivable free of guarantees
  • No legal issues Top

What industries do you work with?

RTS International works with companies in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, textiles, transportation, agriculture and seafood. Top

How does the factoring process start with RTS International?

The first step is to complete our “Factoring Request” form detailing your client portfolio and an aging report so our Credit department can complete a credit evaluation. Once your clients are approved, you will receive a one-year contract proposal. Top

What is the difference between recourse and non-recourse factoring?

  • Recourse means the client ultimately takes the responsibility for the payment of the invoice.
  • Non-recourse accounts receivable financing allows companies to sell their invoices to RTS International, and we assume all of the credit risks for the collection of the invoice. Top

What fees does RTS International charge, and what are the terms of the contract?

RTS International offers the most competitive rates in the market, with no hidden fees or registration fees, which makes our rates tailored to your needs. Our rates are calculated based on the monthly volume of factored invoices and the number of clients we work with. The greater the number of customers, the greater the volume,  the lower the rate we charge. Top

Is credit insurance necessary for all my clients?

No, credit insurance is only necessary for buyers with a weaker credit profile. In many cases RTS International offers hybrid contracts to its clients so we can work with a complete client portfolio - non-recourse to clients with the strongest credit profile, and recourse to the rest of the clients that require a more secure credit line. Top

How do customers get information on their accounts?

RTS International clients have access to their accounts through our secure online portal. Customers can log in and view their entire account history: their reserves, current funding and other information. Clients will also have a customer service representative assigned to their accounts. Our representatives are available during normal business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., U.S. Central Standard Time) to assist clients with all of their business needs. Top

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